Baseball Mirrors Life

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Bleacher Boy

-David Strobach-

There is no sport that truly shows all aspects of life like the game of baseball.

Baseball is one of the only sports without a clock, but always has an end.  There’s no telling how far the end could possibly be for a baseball game.  This can also be said about life.  We know we are living, but never truly know when the game of life will come to a close.  Throughout the game of baseball, you may miss that fastball down the middle,  your golden chance at success.    In life, there are times you may have a great opportunity, but miss it.  “Strike 3,” calls the umpire as you have your walk of shame back to the dugout after failing.  You may sometimes have that bad day in life, but don’t worry, there is always another at-bat, there’s always another day.  In life and baseball, it’s important to…

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Ways Being a Baseball Mom Changes You

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  1. You start to plan vacations AROUND sports
  2. The house is a mess
  3. You live out of your car
  4. Embarrassing tan lines
  5. You’re always broke
  6. Always washing white uniform pants
  7. You spend more time with fellow baseball parents than your own family
  8. Your car looks like a sports locker
  9. You hardly see your girlfriends
  10. You can’t imagine a summer without the baseball madness