You Know You’re a Baseball Mom When…

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  • Your trunk is permanently covered in baseball dirt (and you can tell by the color/consistency WHICH ball field it’s from).
  • There are baseballs in every room, in all of the cars and even in your bag. 
  • There are folding chairs in your car year round.
  • Your trunk has no room for anything but equipment.
  • When you find “cups” in the most unexpected places; such as your purse, on the counter, bathroom sink…
  • When your laundry, housework, and yard work pile up because you live at the ballfields.
  • When you’ve spent the last four weekends at a hotel but have yet to have a vacation. 
  • When you schedule EVERYTHING around your son’s practices, games and weekend tournaments.
  • You own a half dozen different types of spot removers.  
  • When the team is so used to calling your son by his nickname, they don’t remember his real name. 
  • When you carry an extra cup in your glove box!
  • There’s a bunch of sunflower seeds at the bottom of your purse.
  • When you keep a coat, rain jacket, hoodie, umbrella, gloves and a blanket in your car year round.
  • When your son and husband laugh every time you yell “I’M SO TIRED OF PICKING UP YOUR BALLS”!!!